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Join our Reuse Revolution!

Use your reusable cup and get €0,20 discount everytime!

COFFEEHOUSE is an innovative coffee chain with highly developed ecological sensitivity and communicates that message every day in every way! True to our values, from the first day of our operation, we introduce into our everyday habits eco-friendly practices in order to reduce our ecological footprint and protect the environment.

At the COFFEEBOUTIQUE of each store you will exclusively find the new COFFEEHOUSE reusable cups for hot and cold beverages as well as multipurpose stainless steel straws. Our visitors can obtain them in a variety of color combinations and sizes, covering every taste and mood.

With the promotional campaign REUSE REDUCE RESPECT each customer can enjoy a €0,20 discount for any dine-in or take-away beverage in his/hers reusable cup each time. Visit the COFFEEHOUSE stores in Cyprus and Greece, choose the reusable cup that suits you and take advantage of the “green” discount. Contribute in the future of our planet and make the difference!


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