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Collect stamps and get rewarded!

COFFEEHOUSE rewards you through your daily transactions…

For over a year we have launched our own loyalty application, offering our customers rewards and tempting offers. Knowing that today’s consumers are seeking both user friendly and personalized applications, the COFFEEHOUSE Loyalty App meets both of these needs.

Our loyalty app develops a direct daily relationship with the users by providing them with information that is most useful to them. For example, if the customer lists his favourite store, he/she will be informed for the special offers and rewards system of the specific store. The user experience is more important now than ever.

With our new digital stamps collection offer, each user of the COFFEHOUSE Loyalty App in Cyprus earns a stamp for every COFFEEHOUSE beverage in all stores of the chain. The stamps are now digitally collected through the user’s account, saving paper and ink, thereby reducing our company’s ecological footprint and helping to protect the environment.

In this way we offer a complete online experience that fits into the daily routine of every customer, rewarding him with €3 for every 9 stamps he collects, so he can redeem them in COFFEEHOUSE beverages.

In addition, through the COFFEEHOUSE Loyalty App, users will be rewarded with €3 after their first transaction, €3 for completing their profile data, €3 on their birthday each year, €3 for each friend who activates his own account and many more privileges.

Join the COFFEEHOUSE family by downloading the COFFEEHOUSE Loyalty App on your smart phone and take advantage of its offers and benefits.


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