KENYA Kariru AA Plus

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Enjoy our new single origin coffee!

Introducing our all new 100% Arabica Single Origin Coffee!

Our team continues the exciting coffee world tour… This time our journey takes us to another continent, all the way to Africa, to one of the most loved coffee countries, Kenya.

The coffee trees in Kirinyaga province in Mount Kenya, produce high-quality fruits due to the rich volcanic soil. The traditional washing procedure and the 20-day sun exposure have as a result the excellent AA Plus coffee beans. In the intense body of our new KENYA Kariru AA Plus single-origin coffee along with the mild apple acidity and citrus flavours, you will also taste dark chocolate and herbal notes.

Join us in our world coffee tour and enjoy the unique KENYA Kariru AA Plus straight to your cup on all our stores.

Recommended for Cold Brew & Pour Over, but also for Espresso και Cappuccino.

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