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Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. The journey to the Bean Belt continues…

COFFEEHOUSE, as a genuine representative of the 5th Wave Coffee, we offer exquisite single-origin coffees, providing all the information about the origin, the method of harvesting, processing and roasting, but also about their flavour profile! Our goal is for our customers to be able to enjoy unique coffees from around the world, thus participating in our trip around the Bean Belt.

COFFEEHOUSE Research & Development team searches around the world, travelling to the Bean Belt countries, tasting and selecting unique Arabica beans, creating exquisite single origin coffees exclusively for our guests.

Our new coffee was selected from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. In the highlands of the Sidamo region that is located in the southern part of the country, unique crops grow, thanks to the ideal climatic conditions. The combination of high altitudes, with abundant rainfall and rich volcanic soil, results in all the nutrients of the soil being transferred to the fruits that ripe slowly until harvest time. The ripe grains, which are separated by hand, are placed in water tanks to be washed in the traditional way and dried in the sun. It is noteworthy that the way coffee is grown and processed has not changed much over the centuries, with almost all the work still being done by hand.

Ethiopia Sidamo is light roasted and gives a clean body with slight acidity, floral aromas with notes of white chocolate and almond and a sweet aftertaste that lasts, offering an exciting experience in every sip.

Join us in our world coffee tour and enjoy ETHIOPIA Sidamo at all of our stores in Cyprus and Greece. You can also shop for home or office from the Coffee Boutique in all our stores, in beans or ground.

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