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COFFEEHOUSE was rewarded with a Bronze Award!

COFFEEHOUSE: The first and only Cypriot coffee chain with an innovative and integrated franchise model.

With great participation by the prominent representatives of the retail industry and the wider business, the Cyprus Retail Excellence Awards 2019 awards ceremony was held on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 in Hilton Nicosia.

The awards, organized for the first time in Cyprus under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry and ECP Cyprus, highlighted the best practices and innovative actions in the Cypriot retail industry of products and services.

COFFEEHOUSE, the first Cypriot coffee chain, was awarded a Bronze Award for strategic development of the company in transformation and innovation.

The award ceremony was presented by Andreas Giorgios, while the opening speech was addressed by Demetris Siandris, President of the ER Cyprus and Commercial Manager of KEO PLC, who among others emphasised that the Cyprus Retail Exellence Awards are coming to reward those who are already pioneers in the market.

Mr. Marios Loukaides, Chairman of the Jury and Managing Director at Synaxis LTD awarded the Bronze Award to COFEEHOUSE’s General Manager Mr. Fedonas Christou, congratulating the company.

In his speech, Mr. Fedonas Christou thanked the organizers and the committee for this honor, saying that COFFEEHOUSE is the first and only Cypriot coffee chain with an innovative integrated franchise model which adapts to the needs of each partner, either at a single-store level or at a country-master franchise level. Finally, he thanked all the COFFEEHOUSE franchisees and all the baristi, who are the cornerstone of this success, serving the perfect COFFEEHOUSE cup of coffee every day with love.

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