Our barista’s code of honour

Our barista repeat the same ritual every single day with mastery and consistency within all our stores,
with the same PERFECT outcome, your favourite COFFEEHOUSE cup of coffee!!!



Fine-tuned grinders at COFFEEHOUSE grind coffee beans insatiably with the same solid outcome every single day.


Our perfectly trained barista make sure there is consistency in every cup of coffee and zero sediment.


At COFFEEHOUSE delight nests in attention to detail and the genuine smile of our baristas.

The red asterisk

Asterisk, the: (noun) 1.footnote, 2.emphasize on, special attention to, take under consideration.

We sign all our creations with ‘COFFEEHOUSE’ and an asterisk. It is a symbol of thorough and meticulous reflection just like the quality of coffee we serve to every single one of you throughout our stores. The red asterisk is the spark in every COFFEEHOUSE ritual, it is the onset of our barista’s code of honor and our compass in everything we do. The asterisk signifying a footnote and a detail…that means:

emphasize on…pay special attention to… take under consideration…

Our philosophy

Coffee is a mental attitude…

Many believe that coffee is their fuel. Rightly so, coffee is the 2nd most traded product, after oil, in the world! Coffee is a very private matter and each of us enjoys it in a unique way. Thus, we created COFFEEHOUSE aiming to cater the need for value for money quality coffee, excellent service in a green ambience space. What makes the COFFEEHOUSE experience unique is attention to detail, customization of the experience in every store and for every single guest.

Our history

Coffee connects people…

The love for coffee has been a source of inspiration for Johan Sebastian Bach who talked about it in his piece Cantata for coffee (1732). The same source of inspiration, in 2012, drove the COFFEEHOUSE team to visualise the house of coffee! Like a composer transforms his experience into music we transformed the idea for a café into a smart boutique concept. The 1st COFFEEHOUSE brought people together through their mutually unconditional love for good coffee. Today, having received your love and your preference we serve in 15 stores in total, 12 in Cyprus and 3 in Greece.