Enjoy our new single origin coffee!

The journey around the Bean Belt continues…

COFFEEHOUSE, as a genuine representative of the 5th Wave Coffee, we offer exquisite single-origin coffees, providing all the information about the origin, the method of harvesting, processing, and roasting, but also about their flavour profile! Our goal is for our customers to be able to enjoy unique coffees from around the world, thus participating in our journey around the Bean Belt.

COFFEEHOUSE Research & Development team searches around the world, traveling to the Bean Belt countries, tasting and selecting unique Arabica beans, creating exquisite single origin coffees exclusively for our guests.

San Marcos region in Tarrazú, Costa Rica, where our new single-origin coffee comes from, cultivates only Arabica coffee and the beans produced here are SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) which means that coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,200 meters or more. Coffee matures and grows at a slower rate at higher altitudes, which provides time for more flavors and complexities to develop. The microclimate, the volcanic soil, and the high humidity levels offer ideal conditions for the development of quality coffee beans.

COSTA RICA Tarrazú with a medium roast is defined by a full body with mild acidity and sweet aftertaste that lasts and together with notes of chocolatehazelnut, and aromas of brown sugar, it offers a refined taste and perfect balance in every sip.

Join us in our world coffee tour and enjoy COSTA RICA Tarrazú at all of our stores in Cyprus and Greece. You can also shop for home or office from our Coffee Boutique, in beans or ground.

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