COLOMBIA El Diamante Microlot

speciality coffee cyprus

Enjoy our new speciality coffee!

Our all new single origin coffee comes from Huila, Colombia!

At COFFEEHOUSE, as genuine representatives of the 5th Wave of Coffee, we offer top-quality coffees, informing the customer about the origin, the method of harvesting, processing and roasting, but also about the cup profile of the coffee we serve!

The mountains of Colombia, thanks to the microclimates, create unique quality coffees. In particular, in the volcanic soil of Huila, Dimitris Christopoulos, the only Greek producer of raw coffee beans, cultivates arabica trees and produces high-quality coffee cherries throughout the year. At El Diamante Farm, they collect the ripe cherries, which are separated by hand before entering the water tanks, to be washed and dried in the sun.

Our new specialty coffee received a score of 86 from SCA, almost the absolute one for coffees with the washed method. The floral aromas dominate the rich body with the balanced acidity of papaya and citrus, and together with notes of dark chocolate, they offer a velvety aftertaste.

Join us in our world coffee tour and enjoy the unique COLOMBIA El Diamante Microlot in Cold Brew and Freddo, in all of our stores .

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