coffee festival

Reuse Reduce Respect!

Over 5.000 single-use cups did not end up in trash!

For the first time this year, we took part in the Athens Coffee Festival, the fourth annual festival for coffee lovers, which took place in Technopolis at Gazi, from Setpember 28th to September 30th 2019, recording the highest number of visits on all three days.

In addition to promoting our brand, we actively participated in the Reuse Reduce Respect campaign and the amazing “green” action in collaboration with KeepCup, helping to reduce the festival’s ecological footprint. With this action, guests borrowed reusable cups to enjoy their coffees and rinsed them at the specifically designated washing stations inside the festival.

During the three days of the festival over 5.000 disposable cups did not end up in the trash, with organizers, visitors and coffee professionals congratulating on this “green” action.

COFFEEHOUSE was also represented at the Latte Art finals, as part of the national championship held by SCA Hellas, for the first time this year at the Athens Coffee Festival, and gained the 5th place, making our team extremely proud.

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