We Love Coffee Unconditionally

That’s why we created the innovative “Smart Boutique Concept” with environmentally friendly standards.


At COFFEEHOUSE, we aim to offer you top-quality service, in spaces designed with wood, for warmth and comfort ambience. Let the musical vibes help you relax until the last sip of your coffee, while you’re enjoying our healthy snacks for a full experience.


We are an award-winning coffee chain with environmental awareness and “green” mindset, which we aim to communicate it at every opportunity.


We really want to prove to you just how much we love coffee unconditionally. So, we are inviting you to live the COFFEEHOUSE experience.

Travelling around the Bean Belt

We just love coffee at every phase of it. We love its harvesting, the roasting, the smell, and the rich taste it leaves in your mouth!

To share our great passion with you, we created the COFFEEHOUSE Blend. The rich and sweet, most delicate coffee blend.

Discover our unique COFFEEHOUSE Blend and enjoy our special single-origin coffees from the countries of the Bean Belt.

Snacks with the name and the experience of decades

Chef Christoforos Peskias is in charge of our Snacking Team and makes sure that all our products are full of quality and taste.

Every single snack here at COFFEEHOUSE is freshly hand-made and prepared in-store early in the morning. With healthy ingredients and superfoods, the result completes the COFFEEHOUSE experience.

Your coffee with one click!

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The COFFEEHOUSE experience!

Our Stores

Come and join us!



A Result-Oriented Investment

Take advantage of the New Investing Opportunity by COFFEEHOUSE and ensure high benefits for your business!

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